Modern aquaculture is a high-tech industry. Good governance and control based on integrated software and intelligent systems is important now and will be essential in the future. ScaleAQ has a wide range of digital products.

Ensures the aquaculture of the future

Our proven software and cutting edge digital services ensure that biological production is in line with industry requirements for control, fish health, monitoring, planning and data flow. The product area covers management of physical components at sea and land-based aquaculture facilities, registration and analysis of large amounts of biological data, environmental data and production data, as well as digital infrastructure for modern remote operations centers and local area networks. Our various software products communicate via open APIs, giving fish farmers the opportunity to integrate our solutions in a seamless environment with other systems.


The market’s most advanced central feeding system, with detailed adjustment options and reporting features.


User-friendly application for displaying high quality video images with remote control of underwater and surface cameras, as well as integration with feeding system, sensors and decision support.


Through the modules Farmer, Future, Finance and Vet, Mercatus ensures the registration of biological parameters, production planning, optimization, cost control and fish health log.


Our platform for solving integration, data flow and analysis. UniteAQ ensures that fish farmers can monitor and analyze their most important production data in real time and as historical data, regardless of which system produces the actual data.


We provide tailor-made communication solutions to meet the needs of remote operations and remote monitoring – from simple direct connections between two barges to complex networks covering many sites and large geographical distances.

Control room

Design and establishment of everything from smaller control rooms, to complete integrated operations centers for remote feeding, monitoring and operation of farms.

We are aquaculture

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