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Closed Aquaculture Systems (CAS)

Landbased facilities and closed systems at sea are two sides of the same coin. That’s why we have chosen to describe these as Closed Aquaculture Systems (CAS). We are still on the starting blocks and will oversee significant changes across the various modes of operation in the time to come. At ScaleAQ, we want to help by supplying solutions that help to solve the challenges of the future in the industry.

We already supply a range of products for closed systems, including monitoring technology, digitalization, software, feeding systems and dead fish handling. We also focus strongly on sustainable solutions.

Further development is both necessary and critical if the projects associated with the many landbased and closed facilities at sea are to achieve their ambitious goals. At ScaleAQ, we are going to keep on contributing just as we have done since the earliest days of the aquaculture industry. This is why we want to offer advice and consultancy services, support during the design and production planning process, knowledge transfer and training. Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

Precision aquaculture is an important contributor to increased controls and documentation, and we have some exciting things under development right now that will increase the degree of precision and enhance precision feeding. There are many positive impacts arising from precision feeding, otherwise known as appetite-controlled feeding. By reducing underfeeding, you can optimize growth and production by optimizing the feed factor, while by reducing overfeeding you streamline water treatment, stabilize the water quality and reduce feed costs. Precision aquaculture also helps us to understand complex interactions and enables industry growth in the area of CAS, improves welfare, and helps to improve sustainability given that feed is one of the most important factors in calculating the carbon footprint of the industry.

Technology and solutions

Below you see some of the solutions we already offer, and we are also continuously developing solutions that will ensure sustainable aquaculture in the future.


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Head of Development – Closed Aquaculture Technology

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Strong teams ensure quality

Our teams of biologists, aquaculture specialists and engineers have extensive experience with closed systems. We want to use our expertise, experience and product portfolio to deliver solutions that will improve the industry. Further development is both necessary and critical if closed system on land and at sea are to succeed.

Local presence and support

ScaleAQ has strategically located offices in 11 countries. We handle deliveries, advice and technical assistance in all markets and locations through our network and our relationships directly with the industry.

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