New large RAS contract for AquaOptima

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) has chosen AquaOptima as supplier of RAS technology for its very first smolt farm.

The new fish hatchery has a total vessel volume of 16,350 m3, spread on 39 hatching vessels. The farm is situated in Dåfjord in the County of Troms, and the earthworks will be finished in the course of June. The start of the building works is scheduled for August 2019, and the completed hatchery will, according to plan, be ready for use in 2021.

AquaOptima is the sole supplier of RAS technology to the hatchery, and will project, design and deliver a turnkey RAS hatchery.

—NRS has strongly wanted to receive a hatchery with efficient fish logistics, optimum water quality and reliable technology. These requirements are fully in compliance with our strengths, says AquaOptima CEO Børge Søraas.

NRS on the choice of AquaOptima

— We have chosen AquaOptima as our RAS supplier because they have robust patents and solutions for technology such as particle traps and water outlets. Their technology will give us an efficient and place saving RAS hatchery with optimum water quality, says NRS Hatcheries Group Manager, Tore Evjen.

— AquaOptima is Norway’s most experienced supplier of RAS technology and a central supplier in this project. During the dialogue phase, we talked to several suppliers – and during this phase, AquaOptima were outstanding. They delivered to expectation all the way, both with regard to time and quality. Our cooperation has so far been very good, and I expect it will continue like this, says Evjen.

Stronger position in the Norwegian market

Recently, AquaOptima has strengthened its strategic investment in the Norwegian market, after holding a strong position in the international RAS market for several decades.

— The fact that we were chosen as supplier for this hatchery, is also a clear confirmation that our investment in the Norwegian market is a success. This is the second big RAS project for which we have been chosen as supplier in a short while, says AquaOptima COO Eskil Forås.

Equipped for the future

AquaOptima has strengthened its team to meet the demand from the market.

— We have increased our capacity so that we shall be able to handle the Dåfjord project and at the same time take on new future projects. This is an investment we have been planning over time and whose results we can now see, says Søraas of AquaOptima.