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Mort handling

Centralized mortality handling system for closed facilities

Together with our partner Busch Vakuumteknikk, we deliver a complete mortality handling system – from the tank to finished silage.

After the fish has been removed from the tank, the fish is diagnosed and counted by an operator who places the fish in a vacuum funnel. From the vacuum funnel, the dead fish is transported back to the dedicated silage area for grinding and ensiling. This system provides:

  • Better working conditions for the operator
  • Less risk of infection in the facility
  • A more efficient production process

None of our customers’ facilities are the same and therefore the systems are also adapted to each individual site; pipe lengths, pump sizes, grinder tank for silage, storage tank for silage, etc. During this process, together with the customer, we look at production cycles with quantities, size of fish in the different parts of the facility, logistics around silage and delivery of silage, and more.

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Graham Smith
General Manager UK
Pete Letters
General Manager Oceania
Suzie Read
Director of Atlantic
Trond Karlsen
Sales Director Emerging Markets
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