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Sensor System

Monitoring of water quality and environmental factors in the tank is becoming more and more important. The relationship between various environmental parameters and appetite, fish health and growth can only be documented and understood through empirical analysis.

Then you need a sensor system that:

  1. Can measure the parameters you want to measure
  2. Can display the values in real time
  3. Can store anything measured
  4. Can make all data available for analysis
  5. Can notify when something is out of the ordinary
  6. Can measure also when the power is out


2 main components

A sensor system consists of two main components:

1. The sensors

Depending on what you want to monitor, we offer sensors that are either built into our underwater cameras or are free-standing for use in or outside the tanks. These can be single sensors or multisensors / sensor stations.

  • Oxygen
  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity

2. Visualization, storage and analysis

The measured values must be displayed in real time, stored and retrieved for analysis and comparison. For sensors built into our cameras, oxygen and temperature may be displayed in the camera image, allowing the operator to see the measured values where the biomass is located. We also have a dashboard that can display all metrics in real time and that alerts the operator if any values are out of the ordinary. In addition, all sensor measurements are stored in a secure cloud solution, and thus all environmental parameters will be available for analysis and comparison of tank against tank, site against site, region against region.

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