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Feeding Systems

Feeding is perhaps the most important job in aquaculture. The optimized feeding of fish is a complex operation that relies on both experience and expertise, as well as the right tools for the job. There are no shortcuts to optimal results, but regardless of whether you feed from a landbased facility or on a barge, using a centralized feeding system or feed cannons, we have tools that handle the pellet gently and ensure optimized distribution in the pen.

Global presence, local service

With 27 offices spread across 11 countries, service and maintenance options for your feeding system are never far away. We offer maintenance programs that ensure maximum uptime for your feeding system, but in the event that you encounter problems we will be able to assist you via our support service or by expediting the dispatch of local technicians to your site.


With almost 40 years of experience, we have dealt with almost every issue in the book. No matter how you want to feed your fish, we have a solution that fits. We have installed around a thousand feeding systems across the globe for a variety of fish species. You can count on us to deliver.


We supply own proprietary software FeedStation together with centralized feeding system. However, in line with our philosophy about openness and freedom of choice, you can also control the system using third party solutions. We offer open APIs for management and data flow. This means that centralized ScaleAQ feeding systems can easily be fitted into infrastructure featuring technology and equipment from different suppliers.

ScaleAQ Feeding video:

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Graham Smith
General Manager UK
Pete Letters
General Manager Oceania
Suzie Read
Director of Atlantic
Trond Karlsen
Sales Director Emerging Markets
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