AquaFilter Backflush

Product Details

Area of application:

Maximum flow rate at 500 µm:
7200 m3/t

Grade of filtration:
150µm  – 5mm

Maximum operating pressure:
3 bar

Minimum self-cleaning pressure:
0,4 bar

Housing material:

Backflushing medium:
Filtrate fluid

Activation of backflush system:
Function of time, differential pressure or manually

Flange connections PN10

Slot tube material:
Stainless steel or duplex

Filter motor:
Positioned torque motor

Out-flush valve:
Butterfly valve controlled by actuator


AquaFilter Backflush is an automatic backflush filter developed for fresh- and seawater.

The backflush sequence is activated by pressure difference, time intervals or manually. The filter house is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and all surfaces in touch with water are made of HDPE or stainless steel. Standard for the AquaFilter is a stainless steel filter cylinder with a V-shaped profile for effective filtration and self-cleaning of the filter. The specially developed filter elements are designed for effective filtration with the lowest possible pressure loss. The filter has an effective self-cleaning process at pressures as low as 0.4 bar.

  • Unique patented backflushing technology
  • High capacity relative to footprint
  • Corrosion free and chemical resistant filter house


AquaFilter Backflush’s patented technology is unique in the way backflushing is active only when the flusher is placed directly above the filter elements. Due to our accurate filter motor we can assure precise positioning of the flusher above each filter element. This reduces the amount of flushing water and ensures better cleaning of each filter element.

AquaFilter BF Control

All AquaFilter BF are provided with a standard control cabinet. The cleaning cycle can be optimized for your process by changing parameters on the touch screen. Parameters controlling the frequency of the cleaning cycle can also be adjusted. Warnings and alarms will be displayed. The control cabinet is standard equipped with ModBus communication. The control system can be interfaced to other equipment with different types of communication on request.


  • Connection module for existing control systems by ModBus TCP bus system. The control system can be interfaced to other equipment with different types of communication on request.
  • Dimension optional for inlets/outlets.
  • Flushing pump.
  • “Smart automation” system for controlling and monitoring complex systems involving multiple products, filters, valves, UV.
  • Other options on request.