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AquaTrans valves

Product Details

Maximum working pressure:
1,5 bar

Maximum vacuum:
0,7 bar

Maximum working temperature:


AquaTrans – Multi-direction valve for live fish transport

An extremely flexible transport system

AquaTrans® is the most smooth-running multi-direction valve on the market today. The fish can be transported equally gently in all six directions. This means that there is no need for additional pipes or valves. All surfaces are made of PE plastic, all pipes are arched and all corners are rounded. In this manner implementation is “perpetual”, even in seawater!

AquaTrans is a specially developed multiple choice fish transport valve introduced in 2003 after several years of development. It is often a part of the transport system for well boats and other systems for fish that demands gentle transport. A new AquaTrans for use with land based fish farming was recently developed. This will simplify and make the transport of fish safer, more gentle, and efficient.

The system has – since the first valve was delivered to a well boat in 2003 – been an unprecedented success. The valves are now used in most markets globally where they transport fish.

The valve itself is made of HDPE (plastic), teflon and stainless steel, and has proved to be extremely durable with the smooth inner surface providing the best possible transportation fish can get. The valve was developed when the need for a better way to transport fish than flexible hoses arose.

AquaTrans is a gentle transport system for:

  • Land bases
  • Sea sites
  • Well boats
  • Harvesting plants