Axuda B4S

Product Details

Width x height x depth:
1600 x 1700 x 580

Works at depths of:
<50 m

Materials, frame:


290 kg

Washing capacity:
Theoretically up to 4350 m²

Water pressure:
Standard: 80–140 bar
HT: up to 200 bar

Max water pressure:
140 bar for std disc
240 bar for HP disc

Water quantity:

4 x IP3MP

5 x 1500 Lux

Power supply:
400 VAC, 32A, Meox cable, std 80 m

RS-485, MEOX protocol

Data cable, encrypted digital protocol

Water supply:
3/4″ hose, 80 m, 1″ for long umb.

5 pcs electric, 2.2 kW per engine

Auto functions:
Speed, pressure, distribution power

Control system:
Meox, via pilot chair or pilot console

1 screen for video or PC

Video footage:
Recording on NVR or PC

Power cabinet:


The Axuda B4S is a thoroughbred plate washer with suction. It was first developed to wash ships, but we have since discovered that it can do much more. It has a flexible washing system that allows it to wash around steel pipes just as well as it washes flat plates. This type of rig has washed everything from massive steel platforms with pipe structures down to small aluminum boats. Equally effective at everything.

It can even remove barnacles without damaging the antifouling paint.

If you want suction, this rig has that function. It is set up for suction because this function is often mandatory when washing ships close to shore.

It can also wash other items/areas, because you can switch out the washing system for your own washing kit, standard with fixed nozzles on an arm in front, or custom pieces. (The entire bottom can be switched out in just a few minutes with 5 x 12mm bolts).

The Axuda B4S comes with 5 or 6 thrusters, depending on the desire and need for maneuvering.

All our washers use the same washing system:

  • The MEOX patented cavitation washing system
  • Blends air with the washing water, resulting in a very soft jet
  • Very gentle to nets and impregnation
  • Uses very little water
  • Little water and low pressure mean very low diesel consumption
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions