Axuda Mini 2S

Product Details

Width x height x depth:
870 x 650 x 220

< 80 m (deeper is an option)

Materials, frame:

Passive float element

47 kg

Washing capacity:
up to 1000 m²/h (depending on conditions)

Water pressure:
100–200 bar

Max water pressure:
240 bar

Water quantity:

Nozzle size:
1,2 – 1,4 mm

Standard 2 x IP3MP

Standard 3000 Lumen

Power supply:
230 VAC, 16 A, (10 A slow OK)

Energy efficiency:
2000 W (Std, peak occ)

RS-485, MEOX protocol

Data cable, standard protocol

Water supply:
1/2″ flexi hose, 50 m

8 pcs DC thrusters

Auto functions:
Speed, pressure against wall

Control system:
Meox, via suitcase, pilot chair or pilot console

1 pc screen for video

Video footage:
Recording on NVR or PC


The Axuda Mini 2S is a small net and canvas washer. It was first developed to wash canvas in closed net pens, but we have since discovered that it can wash much more. It is small and can reach places too narrow for normal net cleaners, such as between nets and canvases in closed systems, down through funnels/valves in tube nets, and similar applications. It is also used for washing between pipes.

It can be outfitted with different washing systems/discs – ranging from normal washers for nets, low-vacuum plates for soft canvas, to steel-plated rotors for washing on hard elements, such as when crushing limestone.

All our washers use the same washing system:

  • The MEOX patented cavitation washing system
  • Blends air with the washing water, resulting in a very soft jet
  • Very gentle to nets and impregnation
  • Uses very little water
  • Little water and low pressure mean very low diesel consumption
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions