Axuda MR

Product Details

Width x height x depth:
610 x 460 x 350

Works at depths of:
<80 m (deeper is an option)

Materials, frame:

Passive float element

22 kg

Washing capacity:
Depending on the type of lance

Water pressure:
80–200 bar

Max water pressure:
230 bar

Water quantity:
8–30L (100–140 bar, one/two nozzles)

Nozzle size:
1–1.6 mm

Standard 1 x IP 3MP

Standard 4 x 1500 Lumen

Power supply:
230 VAC, 16 A, (10 A slow OK)

Energy efficiency:
2000W (Std, peak occ)

RS-485, MEOX protocol

Data cable, Cat6, standard protocol

Power supply:
Meox umbilical std 80m

8 pcs DC thrusters

Control system:
Meox, via pilot chair or pilot console

1 screen for video, integrated into suitcase

Video footage:
Recording on NVR or PC


Axuda MR is a small, powerful ROV. It is portable, weighs only 22 kg, and has no battery to be charged, so it can run all day. It has power in the entire 15 kg vertical thrust, so when not used for washing it can actually pick up things with its gripper claws. The spray lances can be adapted to spray camera lenses, laser lenses, shackles, propellers, cooling grids, or other objects.

It can be delivered with a control suitcase equipped with controls, a monitor and everything else one needs to run it. This makes it ideal for mobile use.

When Axuda MR is used as a sprayer with a spray lance:

  • The MEOX patented cavitation washing system
  • Blends air with the washing water, resulting in a very soft jet
  • Very gentle to all substrates
  • Uses very little water
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions