Axuda Ray

Product Details



400 VAC

Power per thruster:
2.2 kW

5 blades

ROV control system, thruster:
Meox, digital CAN bus

ROV control system, shore:
Meox, digital Dual RS-485

Standard to 50 m (controls display depth, pressure, alarms, ++)

Standard 4 LED lamps, 6000 lumens

4 PC, IP 3MP

Cable 80 m Power Video and RS-485

Voltage, shore:
400 V AC

Shore power:
32 A

260 kg

1500 x 2000 x 600 mm


5 pcs at 410 cm

Max pressure, “Non-suck disc”:
250 bar

Max pressure, “Suck disc”:
140 bar

Water at 100 bar:
160 l @1.4 nz

Water at 150 bar:
200 l @1.4 nz

Water at 200 bar:
230 l @1.4 nz

Nz options:
1.2 – 1.6 – 2.2)

Water, host:
Std 80m 1″

Pressure drop Host 100 Bar Pump:
8 bar

Pressure drop Host 150 Bar Pump:
12 bar

Pressure drop Host 200 Bar Pump:
16 bar


The Axuda RAY 5S is a new rig with extremely low energy consumption. It is built for the washing boats of the future: the combined energy consumption from washing water + rig is so low that one can make use of fully electric washing boats.

It was dubbed the Axuda RAY because it is built in the shape of a sting ray, with a large, wide curved front and tapered back section. Its shape is a bit unusual, with a large, curved bow up front. The sliding point for the thrust is moved forward, and it has powerful net de-icers that make it easy to run on partially iced nets. It is a be a bit like an ROV with “front-wheel drive”. The benefits of this were discovered somewhat by chance when running our hull washers in difficult conditions. The big net de-icers make it super-easy to run on partially iced nets. The discs are oriented in line across the device, so tight turns do not create stripes.

All our washers use the same washing system:

  • The MEOX patented cavitation washing system
  • Blends air with the washing water, resulting in a very soft jet
  • Very gentle to nets and impregnation
  • Uses very little water
  • Little water and low pressure mean very low diesel consumption
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions