FR (PL) 630

Product Details

140 – 314 M

Floating tube:
2 x Ø630 mm HDPE, SDR 13.6/17.0/17.6, 46.3 – 35.8 mm goods, black color

Ø160 mm HDPE, SDR 11.0, 14.5 mm goods, white color

Bracket with rail support:
Galvanized steel brackets, 80 x 60 mm rail support

Bracket for pen accessories:
80 x 60 mm galvanized rectangular steelpipe

Distance c/c floating tube:
1200 mm

1200 mm wide for the full perimeter

6.0 m/1.2 m/s
(For 200 m, 25 m to bottom rope + 25 m cone-shaped tip (total depth net bag 50 m)

Net buoyancy:
60 tonnes with 160 m circumference

Mooring bracket capacity:
30T ULS / 35T ALS (Fracture strength / Accidental load)

*Hs/Vc may vary by net design and is adapted to site. Net buoyancy is variable in circumference and SDR class for floating tubes.


Extra equipment