Lavado Magnum

Product Details

8 – All hydraulic

400V AC

Power per thruster:
2.5 kW

5 blade skew

ROV control system thrusters:
MEOX, all digital CAN bus

ROV control system shore:
MEOX, all digital, Dual RS-485

Light positive

Standard to 50 m

Depth, pressure, alarms ++

Standard: 4 lamps

LED 6000 Lumen

4 pcs, IP 3MP

Cable Std 80m Power Video and RS-485

Shore electrical voltage:
400V AC

Shore electrical power:

Soft starter 75A

590 kg

2800 × 135 × 600

7 pcs, á 410 cm

Max pressure non suck disc:
250 bar (call us for options)

Water usage @100 bar:
230L @1.4nz

Water usage @150 bar:
280L @1.4nz

Water usage @200 bar:
320L @1.4nz

Optional nozzles:
1,2 1,6, 2,0

Water hose:
Std 80m 1″

Pressure drop hose 100 bar pump:
16 bar

Pressure drop hose 150 bar pump:
23 bar

Pressure drop hose 200 bar pump:
30 bar


Lavado Magnum is our largest net cleaner. It is equipped with its own HPU, i.e., a robust 35 kW electric motor that powers a complete hydraulic system on board the rig. Just like the larger ROVs in the North Sea, this is a familiar and incredibly reliable system.

All our cleaners use the same cleaning system:

  • The MEOX patented cavitation cleaning system
  • Blends air with the cleaning water, resulting in a very soft jet
  • Very gentle to nets and anti-fouling
  • Uses very little water
  • Little water and low pressure means very low diesel consumption
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions

Our net cleaners have been developed in close cooperation with both service companies and fish farming companies.

Based on known challenges such as holes in nets, worn ropes and worn-out coating on nets, we have developed a brand-new cleaning system that is way more gentle for the nets. Auto features such as speed and position against the net wall simplify driving. It also has stepless dynamic distribution of force between the front and rear of the ROV, to minimize pressure across the net surface during forward speed.

We have worked hard to be able to reduce the usage of water. In combination with low pressure, we are able to run two net cleaners on one normal sized pump, or smaller pumps for single systems. The need for less pump capacity means less engine capacity which reduces the fuel usage to a minimum.