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LED Light System

Product Details

Luminous flux:
41 000 lm

100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dispersion angle:
180° facing down

Minimum life expectancy of LED:
50 000 hours (L70)

LED options:
White or color

Maximum active light period:

Depth rating:
40 m, working depth 5–10 m

Cable length:
Nominal 50 m

14,5 kg (in air)

POM, aluminum, glass

Number of lights per cabinet:


LED lights are replacing the traditional metal halide lamps as they offer a range of benefits, including lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, the ability to dim and adjust the color of the light, and longer service life, thus less need for maintenance.

Its design is designed in a robust construction. An optimal level of automation provides effective control of parameters for use, also allowing the individual control of intensity regulation of the lights. The automated control system allows multiple setups, and everything can be controlled from the office.


The new Orbit LED offers all the benefits of the LED, and several unique features:

  • Optimal spectral composition
  • Optimal and unique light dispersion downwards where the fish are located; No light is wasted to the atmosphere.
  • A robust construction to withstand the harsh sea conditions
  • Dimming
  • Easy to install
  • Dedicated user-friendly control software
  • Customizable light color upon request


The software offers both automatic, manual and user-programmable control options. The automatic mode uses a light sensor that adjusts the light based on the amount of light in the hall. The manual mode works like a light switch, while the user-programmable option lets the user create their desired light schedules to support the fish on the site in a customized and optimal way, or for different scenarios. The lights communicate wirelessly between the tanks and the office / observation rooms.