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Nordic/Viking steel cages

Product Details

Cage sizes:
Up to 40m × 40m

Number of rows:
One or two rows

Drivable sections for forklift:
Yes, on request

High quality hot-rolled steel, galvanized according to ISO 1461

Hinged connections:
Torsion coupling or standard hinges

Polystyrene filled
Two sizes of pontoons can be delivered

Heavy Load Mooring Points

NS9415, NYTEK-regulation, Steel galvanized according to ISO 1461

Optional equipment:
Rescue equipment, fender, net handling equipment, lamp posts, winches and more.


The Nordic/Viking steel cage concept was developed in 1983. These stable and solid steel cages have provided a safe and secure platform for fish farming. Development has happened through more than three decades of innovation, great ideas and problem solving.


One of the greatest innovations is the unique torsional coupling with vulcanized inserts. This coupling reduces the stresses on various components, resulting in lower maintenance of the cages and increases the lifetime of the system. When combined, all the innovative ideas provide you, as a customer, a rugged steel cage system for generations to come. The difference is in the details.


With decades of experience and steel cage deliveries worldwide, the Nordic/Viking steel cages are proven to be a safe system that will last for decades.

  • Solid: The Nordic/Viking steel cage concept is based on solid and reliable solutions. Through decades of optimization, we are confident in the quality of our steel cages.
  • Low maintenance: The steel cages are manufactured from high quality hot-rolled steel which is galvanized according to ISO 1461.
  • Lifetime: Thanks to the unique torsional coupling with vulcanized inserts, the loads on the various components are reduced and the lifetime of the system is multiplied.
  • Stability: The Nordic/Viking steel cage concept provides the best possible stability. In addition to the standard floatation, increased buoyancy and freeboard can be enhanced by adding more pontoons or using bigger pontoons. This way the steel cages can be adapted to our customers requirements.
  • Certified: Certified according to NS9415 – Marine Fish Farms – requirements for site survey, risk analyses, design, dimensioning, production, installation and operation and the NYTEK-regulation.

Throughout our 34 years in the aquaculture industry, this is the most durable steel cage concept we have ever experienced. Our aquaculture sites are relatively exposed at Værlandet, on the west coast of Norway. Over the years, we have experienced several extreme weather conditions. The steel cage concept from ScaleAQ has dealt with this very well, without any significant problems. The torsion couplings must be highlighted as one of the success factors in this concept. The couplings make the cages silent during operation, obtain forces between the modules and lowers the amount of maintenance. We are very pleased with the delivery, service and facility delivered by ScaleAQ!

Helge, Roar and Kjell Landøy

Landøy Fiskeoppdrett