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Product Details

Optimizes water flow

Improves fitness of fish

Self-cleaning of tank

OptiFlow is a water inlet system that ensures the perfect mixing of water and self-cleaning of tanks. OptiFlow optimizes the speed of the water flow to provide the fish with the appropriate swimming conditions to enhance their fitness. The OptiFlow system ensures the optimum water flow throughout the tank.

Self-cleaning aquaculture tanks

OptiFlow is a water inlet system for self-cleaning aquaculture tanks. The system consists of inlet tubes, flow amplifiers and sensors that measures the water flow, in addition to the aquaculture tank itself – the OptiTank.

The aquaculture tank design ensures great tank hydraulics – it is a tank where the water quality is good throughout and where water is fed in by a method that keeps the tank clean and allows the fish to thrive.

The hydraulics in the tank are important both for ensuring that the fish have the optimum environment to grow and thrive, and also to ensure that the fish live in an environment that does not cause stress or discomfort. All the choices we make are about creating a good environment for the fish to grow in – from the color of the tank to its size, interior outer surface, and water outlets and inlets.

The right flow ensures health fish

We supply aquaculture tanks where the current in the water also ensures that the fish get a workout in an environment that feels natural.

We have experience with facilities of all sizes, and most fish species around the world – and we know how to achieve the optimum tank hydraulics for your facility.