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Orbit FHD Fixed O2

Orbit FHD Fixed O2 is possibly the world’s most light sensitive underwater camera. With light sensitivity of as much as 0.0001 Lux, you will see details that were previously invisible in difficult light conditions.
Orbit HD Fixed

Product Details


Temperature, depth, O2, compass, 9 axis gyroscope

Light sensitivity

0.0001 Lux


Full HD (1920 x 1080p)

Sensor type

Color – Black/white


120° in water, wide angle




IP68 to 80 m


POM, PEEK and glass

The camera is designed to be fixed either upwards, horizontally or downwards in the pen, and is not delivered with our typical pan/tilt solution. It has a resolution in full HD, and increased field of view by 120 degrees, which means that the operator gets a good overview even with a fixed camera. Simplified infrastructure requirements – power and signal in the same cable (“Power over Ethernet”. Compatible with our new CIU (Pen Interface Unit).

  • New camera platform – AI
  • Increased field of view – 120 degrees
  • Extremely light sensitive, and full HD resolution
  • Supports ONVIF (open third party standard)
  • Easy to use web interface for configuration and calibration
  • New and improved depth sensor