Product Details

Temperature, depth, compass

Light sensitivity:
0.003 Lux

720×576 i50

Sensor type:

77° in water

360° pan & tilt

IP69 to 100 m



The Orbit SD is an advanced analog camera, which just like all ScaleAQ cameras is designed for use in aquaculture. Everything from the lens to the shape of the camera housing is designed to work year after year in the pens. The round camera housing is designed to enable the camera to rotate 360° in all directions. This means you can get the angle you want even when there is a strong current in the pen. The round shape also ensures that the camera cannot damage the fibers in the net, which is vital to preventing wear and tear, as well as potential escapes. Additionally, the round shape means that the impact of currents on the camera is minimized.

Light sensitivity

The Orbit SD can be used even in low light conditions. Light sensitivity of 0.003 Lux means that you can start feeding earlier and carry on until well into the evening. In the event of particularly poor light conditions, the camera will automatically switch from a color image to black/white, thus extending the potential feeding period even further.

77° angle of view in water

Getting a full overview of what is happening in the pen is not always straightforward. The water, the fish, the seine and everything else are always in motion due to the current and waves. Nevertheless, the wide viewing angle means that you can maintain an overview at all times without having to adjust the camera’s position. The optics and digital components have been chosen to provide the fish technician as much information as possible without distorting the image.


Fish technicians need to be able to rely on their equipment day in, day out – and year on year. Many of our cameras are still in use 20 years after coming off the production line. In order to ensure that our cameras can withstand the conditions they encounter, all ScaleAQ cameras are pressure tested to depths of 100 meters.


ScaleAQ’s cameras weigh less than 6.5 kg in the air and have modest external dimensions (187x304x198 mm). This makes them easy to handle, transport and store. Their round shape and low weight also means they have a minimal impact on the seine in the event of unforeseen accidents.