Philips SeaCage 600W

Product Details

Ingress protection code:
IP68 (continuous submerged at max depth 20m)

Mechanical impact protection code:
IK08 (5 J vandal-protected)

Light source:
Integral LED module


Luminous flux:
90.000 lm

Luminaire efficacy:
150 lm/W

Maintenance of Lm output:
>90% at 70000 hours

Specific light distribution for underwater seawater application

Optical cover:
Glass, flat

Mains voltage:
220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Operating current:
2.7A (4.4A max)

Protection class IEC:
I [Safety class I]

Weight luminaire:
17.7 kg

Weight submerged:
∼6.5 kg

Electrical cable length:
50 m (1.5 mm2 wires)

No connector, sleeved cable ends

Control system input:
Specialized Philips Lighting Controller

User interface:
Philips Aquaculture User Interface

Aluminum, marine water rated
Front cover: PMMA

Spare parts:
Anode spare part 340/680
12NC: 929002100318

CE, IP68


The Philips SeaCage 600W luminaire is designed to support fish farms in the optimization of growing fish under unpredictable, harsh circumstances.

Philips has a heritage of more than 125 years of expertise in lighting. The Philips SeaCage 600W helps to optimize growth and reduces the maturation of salmon to nearly zero, while the fish experience no stress due to flicker free LEDs supported by a slow ramp up.

Key benefits

  • Maturation reduced to nearly zero
  • Grow your fish faster
  • Reduces the FCR (feed conversion ratio)
  • Efficient light distribution
  • Minimize exposure to sea lice
  • Save energy cost
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Extreme durability

It combines the unique patented fish light spectrum with an unbeatable performance, supporting the deepest and biggest cages. Connected to the control system it provides unprecedented opportunities to utilize photoperiod illumination.

The downward facing light provides efficient light distribution by bringing light where the fish swim throughout the complete pen. This helps keeping your fish healthy below the sea lice zone. The luminaire enables you to improve your operations by reducing the maturation to zero, improving both growth & FCR while drastically reducing sea lice infestations.

Superior lighting technology improving your site operations

Our software tools supporting in commissioning and scheduling offer full visibility and control of the lights installed. You can securely access and monitor the individual light points, set schedules and adjust light levels on demand. A user-friendly dashboard provides a complete view on the installation and gives you real-time insights into the status of the lights. With the simple interface you can set light recipes optimizing the photoperiod benefits to the max.

Consistent operations year after year

Philips SeaCage 600W is extremely durable via the highest marine grade alloy constructions. It requires minimal hardware maintenance, no lamp replacements, and in case desired supported by easily replaceable cables and anodes. Software maintenance and upgrades are also done remotely.