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Pre-grinder DFC-10

The recently developed DFC-10 is one of the most efficient pre-grinders on the marked with a capacity of up to 10 tons per hour. It handles all fish sizes and can increase the capacity of your existing silage system.
Grovkvern DFC 10

Product Details




1000L with two-piece hatch

Inner flange dimensions underside



Approx. 10 tons/hour


Stainless steel – 16 pcs


Stainless steel

The grinder has a total of 16 knives on one shaft. The unique knife design and diameter of more than 400mm per knife ensure an optimal grip – even on large fish. The knives are 15mm wide and are produced in stainless steel to ensure durability, even in tough conditions. The ScaleAQ heavy duty DFC-10 is designed for pre-grinding whole dead fish and other types of fish waste. The knives are designed to handle large fish without compromising capacity. By placing the pre-grinder on top of the ScaleAQ grinder tank you can achieve a massive capacity increase of the silage system.

  • Capacity of 10 tons per hour
  • Handles all fish sizes
  • Stainless steel construction

Acid is added directly in the grinder tank, either from a can or from an acid dosing system. Remember to control and adjust the PH levels in the grinder tank before transferring to the storage tank.