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Sea Nest docking station for cleanerfish

Huge numbers of cleanerfish are used in the fish farming industry and there is an increasing focus on their welfare. Cleanerfish represent a major investment in terms of purchasing cost, and good fish welfare is crucial for the survival, well-being and not least the efficiency of the cleanerfish in carrying out their task.

Product Details

Effective lice control

Easy to handle

Environmental focus

Sea Nest docking station for cleanerfish
  • Less marine fouling – straightforward cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to deploy and take out
  • No loose parts
  • Can be used for several seasons
  • 45 cm when stored – 7.5 or 10 (option) meters in use
  • Reduces lice infestations
  • Developed and produced in Norway

The idea for SeaNest came about when we saw that a habitat for cleanerfish could be created using better and more efficient solutions.

We realised that we could develop a system that imitates the natural habitat of lumpfish at the same time as it is easy to handle, requires significantly less cleaning and safeguards the environment by being sturdy, compact and made to last.

This is how the fish see SeaNest:

Effective lice control

SeaNest is a cleanerfish hide that provides good conditions for the cleanerfish. Not only is this required by law, but when the cleanerfish have good living conditions, they will also provide more effective lice control in the pen.

SeaNest is constructed with a material that makes it easy for the cleanerfish to attach themselves and gives them the necessary rest.

Easy to handle

SeaNest is designed as a compact folding system that extends 7,5 or 10 (option) meters deep when in use in the pen but takes up less than half a meter in a folded state. SeaNest is therefore easy to clean, transport, store and not least deploy and take up again from the pen.

Environmental focus

SeaNest is built to create a better environment for the cleanerfish and avoid marine pollution. SeaNest has no loose plastic parts and does not discharge any chemicals into the sea.

Recapture solution for SeaNest

Recapturing lumpfish in a pen can be a challenge. And a stressful one for the fish.

The lumpfish are really fond of the SeaNest and tend to be on it when not chasing sealice. This makes it easy to capture them while they rest on the SeaNest unit. The specially designed net is ready at the bottom, is raised in seconds by means of a rope – and the fish is captured and ready to be moved.

Easy to set up

The SeaNest functions as normal also with the recapture solution attached. We do, however, recommend attaching the recapture solution prior to commencing recapture.

The lumpfish is then captured by pulling a rope from the penside, hence not needing to move the system at the crucial moment – and thus creating unnecessary movement in the hides. When the rope is pulled in all the way (10-15 seconds), all the lumpfish sitting on the SeaNest will be captured.

We save a considerable amount of work in terms of storage logistics and cleaning. The lumpfish swim around and settle well on SeaNest - and there is less fouling than on traditional hides.

Torje Johannessen

Cleanerfish Coordinator, SalMar Farming Segment north



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