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Product Details

Water volumes:
UV delivered for water volumes as per the customer’s needs and requirements.

Prefilter requirements prior UV treatment:
Degree of filtration according to regulatory requirements or the customer’s needs.

Type approval:
UV radiation with approval in accordance with current regulatory requirements or the customer’s specification.


What is UV treatment?

UV treatment is a chemical-free method for disinfection which involves the deactivation of all known microorganisms, bacteria, pathogens and viruses – while also protecting the environment through avoiding the use of chemicals. With medium pressure lamps, microorganisms are unable to restore viability and their colony-forming ability when treated with exactly the same UV dose as with low pressure UV. This is because medium pressure UV breaks down an enzyme known as photolyase found in all living organisms, which promotes the repair of damaged DNA.

The UV system is delivered pre-fitted with flanges for connection to the water supply system on site.

The cleaning process is initiated by filtering the water through AquaFilter, a self-flushing pressure filter, which removes particles prior to the water being disinfected by the UV filter. The UV system is adapted to the needs of each and every site and regulatory requirements pertaining to water treatment. The volume of water is controlled through the use of a flow meter that can in turn manage the frequency-controlled pumps. In the event of an interruption to the water supply, the automated system can be set to stop the UV system. An alarm is activated in the event of a fault to the UV system. The UV system can be delivered pre-assembled by container, or it can be delivered and assembled on site with the customer to ensure it is ready for connection to the pumping station. We can also design and deliver complete facilities where a UV system is integrated into the sea pumping station.

Safe water quality

Ensuring the quality of your water is safe is a regulatory requirement. UV treatment of water is one of the easiest, safest methods for avoiding the spread of disease in water. It is very important that samples of the water’s UV transmission are taken over time. The UV transmission provides an indication of the level of transillumination in the water.

The UV system can be connected to a water flow meter

The flow meter, together with the PLS automated system, can be connected to other components at the facility. For example, it is then possible to steplessly control the pumps through the use of frequency transformers.

Advantages offered by our facilities:

  • Designed and developed in partnership with the aquaculture industry.
  • The most compact UV system available on the market today – designed for tough conditions.
  • Compact – smaller footprint. Easier to replace lamps and quartz sleeves.
  • Compact wiper mechanism to ensure uptime.
  • Ballast – power management that is reliable.
  • Dimensions DN80 – DN800. 0 – 5,375 m3/hour per system.
  • Variable power lamp dimmer, 50 – 100%.
  • Power-saving.
  • Lamps have a life of 9,000 hours.
  • Medium pressure lamps – safer treatment of water/seawater.
  • Low pressure loss