Senior Developer

Deadline: 16th of September 2022

Duration: Permanent
Accession: By appointment
Sector: Private
Location: Bergen/Florø
Position: Senior Developer

To apply or find out more, please contact:

Jon Arild Tørresdal
Head of Software Development
994 33 577

The software department in ScaleAQ is working continuously to be the best development environment within aquaculture. We are 40 full time employees in our department. Most department employees are in Bergen, followed by Hanoi, Florø and Chile. One third of our employees are women.

ScaleAQ is a global technology supplier within aquaculture, with a revenue of 2.5 billion NOKs in 2021. Most aquaculture companies use one or more of our software products, giving us great opportunity to lead development in the entire sector.

We now have 7 development teams. Each team is responsible for their own product area. For instance:

  • FeedStation controls and monitors fish feeding
  • Knowledger analyze large amount of data from sensors and other sources to continuously improve precision farming
  • Vision handles feeding and environment monitoring with our 4k submerged cameras controlled with a gamepad controller
  • Mercatus Farmer document the entire lifetime of the fish, from egg to slaughter
  • Mercatus Future calculate, predict and optimize future generations of fish

Please see the video below for a presentation of ScaleAQ’s software products:

As a Senior Developer you will get to:

  1. Work with modern technology tightly integrated with our own hardware
    ScaleAQ develops and produce our own 4K camera systems, sensors, feeding systems og feeding barges – crammed with technology. In tight collaboration with our Mechatronics department we remotely control, monitor and collect large amount of data.
  2. Make a difference to the environment and fish welfare
    Did you know that a salmon grows approximately as much as it eats? This makes aquaculture to one of the most sustainable industries within food production. There are still many challenges to solve in our industry, and we believe technology is the solution to most of them.
  3. Work with autonomous systems – machine learning and AI
    Together with our customers we think precision farming is the solution for the future. We use machine learning and AI to analyze and make good decisions to continuously improve the growth environment of the fish. We currently work on multiple solutions for the future of precision farming.
  4. Have great freedom for personal development
    We don’t move people around from team to team. We do however prioritize employees wishes of new challenges or other product areas. We cover a wide technology specter and we have great possibilities and challenges for everyone.
  5. Have dedicated time to learning
    We invest in you and facilitate for continuous learning, as a natural part of your daily work. In addition to our own monthly learning day, we participate in courses, conferences and talks.
  6. Work with Cloud
    Our services runs in the cloud and Kubernetes, which gives us the necessary flexibility to deliver quality continuously to our customers.
  7. Work with DevOps
    Every development team are responsible for their own build, quality check, deployment and monitoring of the product they’re developing. In order to not spend too much of the teams cognitive load on DevOps specific activities, we have a dedicated platform-team that automates and simplifies DevOps related processes.
  8. Build trust, Take responsibility og Go beyond
    These values are not just nice words to us – they permeates everything we do and contribute to clarify our identity and our goals – to ensure a sustainable growth in aquaculture
  9. Work in modern offices and have good home office solutions
    All of our office locations have modern layouts with great coffee, for the good conversations in our lounge areas. For the home office we offer multiple solutions for individuals to contribute equally from home as the main office.

Do you thrive working with front-end or maybe back-end? Maybe a bit of both? We are looking for someone with focus on robust code, high code quality and who enjoys working in an agile team and gladly shares their knowledge with others.

Desired qualifications:

In addition to your education, you have in-depth knowledge acquired through your experience from most of the areas below:

  • Micosoft .NET or Java
  • React/Angular/Vue
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • ElasticSearch
  • SQL-server
  • Document-databases
  • API-development
  • IoT
  • Event Streaming, Kafka etc.
  • Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

It’s an added bonus if you also have experience from: 

  • The aquaculture industry
  • Industrial IT and automation
  • Open Source
  • Multiple development languages

We can offer:

  • Optional location – Florø or Bergen
  • Informal and creative working environment 
  • Very skilled collegues
  • Modern offices
  • Great freedom in selecting solutions and technology
  • Flexible working times
  • Competitive salary, insurance and pension plans

To apply or find out more, please contact:

Jon Arild Tørresdal
Head of Software Development
994 33 577