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Norwegian technology. World-leading expertise. Optimal water quality.

Ever since the company was established over 25 years ago, we have delivered industry-leading technology to ensure optimal water quality. We have invented and introduced many of today’s industry standards, and we have been early adopters of new ideas and technologies.

Our staff consists of biologists, fish farmers and engineers who have decades of experience designing RAS facilities. With our expertise, our knowledge and our products in your facility, we guarantee that your facility will have an optimal water environment, which promotes healthy fish and rapid growth.

Our staff are always working on new RAS facilities, while also continuously working on research and development projects. That is how we stay in the vanguard of technological developments in the industry.

The facilities we design are optimized for outstanding fish logistics and good fish health. Both the farmer and the fish will be happy in a RAS facility designed by ScaleAQ.

We can deliver turnkey projects at any size and the latest in innovations from one of the world’s leading communities in aquaculture technology.

Børge Søraas

VP Landbased

ScaleAQ RAS – OptiFarm

We build turnkey systems that ensure optimal water quality. The OptiFarm system offers effective self-cleaning tanks, optimal circulation speed and excellent water quality. This promotes thriving fish, ideal fish production and an even distribution of fish throughout the tank volume.

Turnkey technology

  • Intake water treatment
  • Water treatment RAS
  • Fish production units
  • Monitoring and control
  • Sludge treatment
  • Training, startup and service

ScaleAQ deliveries world wide

For more than 25 years we’ve delivered RAS facilities all over the world. Our technology is well proven, extensively documented and in use for a variety of species for warm and cold water, fresh and salt water, all around the world. Here are some examples:

Technology and solutions

OptiFarm consists of several different components, including OptiTrap, OptiFlow and OptiTank. OptiFarm, our concept for a complete RAS facility, is designed for ideal fish health and growth, and every single component in the system works and contributes to these factors.

We lead the development of RAS

ScaleAQ is an experienced supplier that develops and delivers complete RAS plants. We can supply turnkey systems of all sizes. A RAS plant from ScaleAQ integrates expertise, product quality and innovation from the world’s leading environment in modern aquaculture.

Strong teams ensure quality

Our team consists of biologists, experienced fish farmers and engineers who have designed hundreds of RAS plants. Our expertise, experience and product portfolio guarantee systems with optimal water quality, which provides a healthy product and rapid growth.

Proven technology

ScaleAQ’s RAS technology is already in use in many farms around the world. High quality is reflected in many of the key components of ScaleAQ’s land based aquaculture concept OptiFarm. Some of these are the OptiTrap, the OptiTank and the OptifFow.

Local presence and support

ScaleAQ has strategically located offices in 11 countries. We handle deliveries, advice and technical assistance in all markets and locations through our network and our relationships directly with the industry.

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