We are working to recycle the materials in as much of our equipment as possible. The materials from our floating collars and bottom rings are eminently suitable for recycling and for use in dedicated fish farming equipment. We offer handrails, walkway tubes and feed tubes made from recycled PE material.

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By having control throughout the value chain, we have seen that the quality of recycled materials is almost as good as that of virgin plastic. Microscopy analyses show excellent homogeneity and purity in pipes made from recycled materials and no difference from pipes made from virgin materials. This is great news for the industry and provides substantial opportunities for using recycled HDPE plastic.

Floating collars that are exposed to strong forces have very strict requirements relating to safety and material strength. The guidelines contained in NS9415 currently make it difficult to use recycled materials in the production of these large structures. This is something we are working on under our green platform project, SirkAQ.


Martin Søreide
Technical Director – Marine Engineering
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Hanne Digre
CSO – Chief Sustainability Officer
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