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Net servicing

Our service station at Hestnes has 30 years of experience in net cleaning, disinfection, repair work and antifouling treatment for all types of nets used in aquaculture.
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Net cleaning



Antifouling treatment

It is vital that the antifouling and coating that are chosen are suitable for use in your location. At ScaleAQ, we have more than 30 years of experience in selecting the products best suited to a range of different nets and locations.

Net servicing should be of the highest quality and as efficient as possible. This is why we have modernized and upgraded our facility at Hestnes. This includes investing in a brand new cleaning and washing system that fulfils all environmental requirements. Additionally, we have invested in a dehumidification system in our net workshop in order to dry nets prior to antifouling.

We are familiar with the full life cycle of nets – from weaving to the pen. Our knowledge of nets, our extensive experience and our modern equipment mean you can be certain that both servicing and maintenance of your nets are in the best hands when you choose ScaleAQ.

The workshop is certified in accordance with NS9415.

How we service and maintain nets:
  • New nets are checked upon arrival.
  • Old nets are washed, inspected and repaired.
  • Nets may be immersed in an antifouling treatment bath.
  • Nets are vacuum treated in the impregnator.
  • Surplus antifouling following all treatments is fed back into the antifouling bath.
  • Nets are dried.
  • Nets are packed, secured and sent to the customer.