As a global technology supplier to the aquaculture industry, sustainability is part of everything we do throughout our business. Technology is essential for the development of the aquaculture industry. Through an increased focus on sustainability and biology, ScaleAQ has assumed a clear role in ensuring the development of technology on the terms of biology and the environment.

Knowledge and expertise are essential for the future. ScaleAQ aims to be a knowledge-based advisor to the aquaculture industry, and our products include documentation and follow-up that helps to ensure our customers can create added value. This is done through efficiency, reporting and increasing levels of information.

Good environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are key to all activities undertaken by ScaleAQ, and we have tied our work to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For the team at ScaleAQ, sustainability is about the future. We have to take care of the earth’s limited resources. We have to manage them in the best possible way without destroying opportunities for future generations.

The world faces major challenges in finding sustainable food sources for its rapidly growing global population. Worldwide demand for seafood is growing. Aquaculture is one of the most sustainable ways to produce food.

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ScaleAQ has initiated an internal process focusing on environmental, social and governance issues in order to make them more visible, measurable and prioritized as actions. We have appointed a Sustainability Director whose work will be dedicated to the company’s ESG goals and actions. Separately, we are currently developing a sustainability policy in close dialogue with our customers, and a separate steering group has been established for this purpose.

Hanne Digre

Director, Sustainability

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+47 957 26 482

Torstein Kristensen

Head of Biology

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+47 917 83 459

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have chosen the following Sustainable Development Goals to guide our work on an ongoing basis as we work to meet them:

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