As one of the industry’s largest suppliers we recognise on a daily basis our responsibility to minimise the footprint made by our business. In our sustainability promises we have made a commitment to reducing the leakage of plastics into the natural environment and to increase the recycling of our products. We have established "Scale Circular" as an initiative for increasing sustainability and a circular economy. We have committed ourselves to several of the UN's sustainability goals, two of which are SDG 12, which concerns responsible consumption and production, and SDG 13, which is designed to combat climate change.




Lifetime extension


Hanne Digre
CSO – Chief Sustainability Officer
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Since 1970 the annual extraction of natural resources has tripled and the linear economy has contributed towards exceeding the Earth’s limits. Those of us working in the industry need to switch from thinking about waste to thinking about the possibilities for new products.

The circular economy is all about utilising our resources in a smarter way, with waste becoming a valuable resource and products being reused repeatedly. Technology plays a key role in this because it enables us to create innovative solutions for utilising our resources more efficiently. Aquaculture is a sector that could benefit greatly from the circular economy in terms of both biological and technological materials.

In ScaleQ, as a global technology supplier to the aquaculture industry, we are making sustainability a prerequisite for all aspects of our business. We are currently offering life extension of floating collars and using recycled materials for handrails, walkway tubes and feed tubes. In the long term, more services and products will be included in Scale Circular.

We are spearheading the “SirkAQ” green platform project where the aim is to promote the transition from a linear to a circular economy in aquaculture by establishing sustainable circular value chains for plastics from decommissioned equipment by reusing, repairing, extending the life and using recycled materials in new products. You can read more about SirkAQ.

We are also working on technological solutions for collecting and handling sludge. ScaleAQ will continue to be a driving force behind promoting a more sustainable future for aquaculture.