Barges and vessels

When you work at sea, one of the most important things you are aware of is having a secure footing and safe working conditions. We have been involved in the industry out at sea and with sea pens for more than 40 years and we understand the conditions and challenges that you face. ScaleAQ is Norway's leading supplier of feed barges and working vessels for the aquaculture industry. We supply all types of barges and vessels to the fish farming industry. With one of our robust feed barges or service vessels under your feet, you can be absolutely sure that your work can be carried out quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. At the same time, your crew will experience safe working conditions, well-being and comfort on board.

Feeding Barges

Hybrid solutions



Tore Laastad
Special Advisor – Barge & Thermolicer
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Åsmund Håvik
Sales Director – Norway
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Trond Karlsen
Sales Director Emerging Markets
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