Vision is our software platform for camera-based feeding and environmental monitoring. Stylish, animated appearance offering flexibility. Choose between a range of views and personalize your own setup. The software is fast and responsive during use thanks to its focus on user friendliness.
mercatus vision

Product Details

Modern, customized user interface

Designed to ensure the best utilization of high resolution screens and cameras

Optimized for remote operation

Seamless integration between camera and feeding

Integrated gamepad controller

Integrated pellet detection

Environmental monitoring and cloud storage

Enhanced support and service functionality

Designed to ensure the best utilization of high resolution screens and cameras

Vision supports high resolution screens, including the very latest Ultra-HD, 4K and 5K displays, ensuring superb image quality. Full-HD and 4K resolution cameras can also be used in conjunction with our software to retain the very best in image quality. Improved image processing enhances the quality compared with past software – and that goes for older cameras too. Capable of recording camera footage.

Optimized for remote operation

Easily organize cameras into a range of camera groups – switch rapidly from a camera at location A to one at location B. All cameras in the network can be added to your active Vision installation ensuring that you can quickly switch focus between locations. Use several displays on one computer, even if they are different sizes and resolutions. Flexible, streamlined camera setup: choose the camera you want to see without changing any settings. Make use of pre-defined views that combine images from across different locations. Logitech, Xbox and PlayStation controllers are all supported, providing the operator with full control of the system – regardless of the number of screens and cameras in use.

Seamless integration between camera and feeding

Vision and FeedStation work together. The display windows provide the operator with full control. Information from the feeding process, adjustments to the key feeding parameters.

Pellet detection

Live detection, counting and marking of pellets on camera feeds, visual presentation of the number of pellets and trend graph. User-defined alarm levels. Detection, counting and marking of pellets in display windows. Visualization of data. Users can add their own alarms. Pellet detection takes place in existing pen cabinets using what is known as edge computing. No need for additional burdensome camera feeds on your network to deal with pellet detection!

It’s not easy to see every single pellet…
Unless you have Vision 2.0 with pellet detection!