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Mort Handling

ScaleAQ has been supplying systems for handling dead fish since 1992. The systems can be supplied as standard models or customized according to the customer’s needs. We supply comprehensive receiving facility systems with certified collection containers, grinders and storage tanks, acid dosing systems and systems for collecting dead fish.
dødfiskkvern 3,5kbm med trakt

Dead fish grinder


grovkvern DFC 20

Pre-grinder DFC-20

Grovkvern DFC 10

Pre-grinder DFC-10

Mobil grovkvern illustrert

Mobile pre-grinder


Acid safety container

Mobile storage tank for ensilage


Tipping basin

tippecontainer for dødfisk

Dead fish tipping container

Salmon evolution ScaleAQ camera

Centralized mortality handling system for closed facilities

4.5m grinding tank

Customized solutions


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General Manager UK
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General Manager Oceania
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Sales Director Emerging Markets
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Handling dead fish and ensilage

How the raw material is treated is critical when it comes to the future value of the ensilage. At ScaleAQ, we are committed to working on the development, production, supply and installation of comprehensive dead fish management systems of all sizes. From onshore aquaculture operations to major offshore installations, slaughter facilities, processing plants and fishing vessels. Dead fish equipment supplied by ScaleAQ is easy to use and lasts year after year.