Warranty and claims

Have you received a product that does not meet your expectations? In that case, you can submit a claim by filling out our claim form.

The form has several fields that need to be filled out. Therefore, it may be helpful to have the purchase date, serial number, order/invoice number available before you start filling out the form. The more information you can provide, the faster we can process your inquiry. In the description fields, it is very helpful if you include as many details about the issue as possible.

It is important that if you experience problems with feeding systems, cameras, or other technical installations, you have contacted our support department at phone number +47 488 52 488. In many cases, problems can be resolved with the help of our skilled support operators. They can determine whether you have a claim or if a service visit is needed instead. Therefore, we request that you always contact our support initially to clarify the steps.

Goods sent in for a claim should always be cleaned and disinfected. 

If you have a claim and the above measures have been taken, you can download the claim form below and send it to us by email.