We scale aquaculture

ScaleAQ is an international company within aquaculture. We provide innovation, technology and equipment to customers globally.

Local presence, personal engagement

The unique strength of our brand lies with our people.

We are proud to employ 900 of the most competent, solid and innovative brains within aquaculture. Solid people make solid sustainable business, for our customers and for ScaleAQ. Local presence means strong relations, being there, rubbing shoulders and solving challenges hands-on.


Innovation and development

Constant development needs to happen at all levels of the organization. In ScaleAQ we are continuously tweaking and optimizing existing products. In addition, we do targeted development of new products based on existing solutions and long-term projects to bring brand new concepts to the aquaculture industry.

As a company we want to use our position and insight in the industry to contribute on all levels alongside our customers and partners. Our R&D department collect ideas from across the entire organization as well as from customers to establish strong development projects, often in collaboration with academic institutions.

We have the systems and professional project management to ensure quality
and oversight to support people and environments showing commitment and initiative. Our advisors can facilitate access to ScaleAQ’s entire development team across all areas within aquaculture to support customers cases.

Annual and sustainability report

Our annual report also consists of a sustainability report. Open or download the report below to read more.

Annual and sustainability report 2022

Annual and sustainability report 2021

Brand DNA


ScaleAQ creates growth in aquaculture. We do that by establishing, optimizing and upgrading the industry.


ScaleAQ = Aquaculture. WE ARE AQUACULTURE.
We want to be synonymous with the aquaculture of the future.


Our values are based on three simple value concepts that will provide guidelines for how we want to act internally and externally. Together, they permeate everything that we do and help to clarify our identity and our goal, which is to ensure sustainable growth in the aquaculture of the future.

build trust

Employees’ mandate to make their own decisions is crucial for an organization that is dependent on close customer relationships and quick actions. Trust creates a strong ScaleAQ team.

We must always strive to build trust. For better decisions. Faster actions.
Create security. Stronger layers. Closer relationships.

“I trust you to trust me”.

Business teamwork join hands together. Business teamwork concept
Fish in the sea

take responsibility

We take responsibility for both our own work and our collective responsibility for the environment. We create sustainable solutions that are based on insights from our customers and partners.

We must always take responsibility.
For our actions and deliveries.
Our customers. Colleagues. And the environment.

“I know when to take responsibility”.

go beyond

We must dare to be clear, vigorous, curious, visionary and innovative on behalf of the entire aquaculture community. We will share our knowledge to make a difference in the aquaculture industry.

We must dare to go further.
Exceed expectations. In each task.
Continuously improving. Innovate and develop.

“I am confident to go beyond”.

A leaf growing from a log


Audun S. Fjeldvær

CEO, ScaleAQ Seabased

Jon Arild Tørresdal

CEO, ScaleAQ Software

Carlos Arenas

CEO, ScaleAQ Chile

Jon Anders Leikvoll

CEO, Maskon
Bilde av Terje Andreassen

Terje Andreassen

CEO, Moen Marin

ScaleAQ Group

ScaleAQ Group, a leading supplier in the global aquaculture industry, encompasses divisions such as ScaleAQ Seabased, ScaleAQ Software, ScaleAQ Chile, Moen Marin, and Maskon. The group, with a strong presence in numerous countries including Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Canada, Tasmania, Chile, Poland, and Vietnam, develops and delivers innovative technology and robust solutions to customers worldwide.

ScaleAQ Group is committed to shaping the future of sustainable aquaculture. Our aim is to stimulate growth in the sector, optimize production methods, and contribute to the overall enhancement and advancement of the industry. Boasting a global team of over 900 skilled employees, we are well-positioned to make a significant impact on the aquaculture industry and its future.

Bilde av Svein Vestermo

Svein Vestermo

CEO, ScaleAQ Group

Nina Olufsen

CCO, ScaleAQ Group

Lucie K. Eidem

Chief HR and Communication Officer, ScaleAQ Group
Bilde av Hanne Digre

Hanne Digre

Chief Sustainability Officer, ScaleAQ Group

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