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ScaleAQ creates growth in aquaculture

We do that by producing and delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way. We establish, optimize and upgrade aquaculture facilities.

Our services are divided into four divisions that integrate in co-creation and customer focus:


ScaleAQ has the expertise, products and people to help you ensure continuity and cost-effective production.


ScaleAQ has developed and delivered numerous solutions and products within cage-based aquaculture, which today are industry standards.


ScaleAQ builds and delivers turnkey recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for production of healthy and thriving fish. Through our strong technology and industry-leading expertise we have found a way to optimize water quality.


ScaleAQ has a wide range of digital products that ensure that the biological production is in line with industry requirements.

We scale aquaculture

ScaleAQ is an international company within aquaculture. We provide innovation, technology and equipment to customers globally.

Map showing ScaleAQ's locations

A partner and advisor for developing land- and seabased aquaculture projects with an unbroken history within aquaculture for nearly 40 years. Our solutions are based on deep maritime knowledge from the harshest conditions. With our unique portfolio of products and local presence, we are hands-on and stand by our customers.

Local presence,
personal engagement

The unique strength of our brand lies with our people.

We are proud to employ 900 of the most competent, solid and innovative brains within aquaculture. Solid people make solid sustainable business, for our customers and for ScaleAQ. Local presence means strong relations, being there, rubbing shoulders and solving challenges hands-on.

We define aquaculture


We launch our first cage

1980: We launch our first cage


We develop our first central feeding system

1985: We develop our first central feeding system


We deliver our first RAS system

1994: We deliver our first RAS system


Our first underwater camera delivery

1996: Our first underwater camera delivery


We deliver the world’s first full grow-out RAS for salmon

2010: We deliver the world's first full grow-out RAS


We launch the first escape proof net cage system

2013: We launch the first escape proof net cage system

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