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ScaleAQ is an international company within aquaculture. We provide innovation, technology and equipment to customers globally.


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Systems Technician Wednesday 13th December 2023 ScaleAQ UK
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Circular economy in aquaculture

The aim of the SirkAQ green platform project is to promote the transition from a linear to a circular economy in aquaculture by establishing sustainable circular value chains for plastics from decommissioned equipment by reusing, repairing, extending the life and using recycled materials in new products. The aim is to optimise resource usage and reduce aquaculture’s environmental and climate footprint. The vision for the project is “zero plastic waste by 2030”. The project has a strong consortium involving partners from the whole value chain, i.e. producers, suppliers, farmers and recyclers. It also involves strong R&D partners in the relevant disciplines. Scale Aquaculture AS is the responsible company and is managing the project.

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