Through the collection of data our customers can monitor and analyze the fish performance both real-time and historically. Yet it has been difficult to get the full picture as the feeding and sensor data only give us parts of the story. There are constantly ongoing deviations and activities which are affecting the fish performance and causes lost feeding opportunities, and lots of human knowledge is never stored in any system. Both from an operational and analytical standpoint this causes less value of the collected data and makes it much more difficult to understand and improve the fish performance.

Product Details

Plan and adjust feeding based on analyzes of sensor values, feeding data and trends

Get a full overview of all data that affects fish performance

Analyze fish performance

Our new Knowledger software targets these issues by making use of all the data that is collected and allowing the user to add his knowledge both manually and automatically by creating deviations and activities. This improves collaboration as all feed operators will be aware of what is happening out on the sites right now and allows them to document any lost feeding opportunities. The feeding data, sensor data as well as inventory data is then combined with the data added by the feed operators and makes it possible for the site manager and others to get a much broader and precise picture when analyzing the fish performance over time.


Knowledger also features a real-time dashboard showing the user the current sensor values, feeding data and the trend so that he can plan and adjust the feeding. Detailed information about the development over the last 24 hours is available per unit.

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