ScaleAQ has been one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of pens for over 40 years. The guiding principle behind our success has been the combination of the flexibility of high density polyethylene plastic and strong steel, with the focus on the interaction between the moorings and net with the pen collar to spread the strain throughout the entire structure. A major design feature of our pens is the integrated energy-distribution system.


Subsea System

Midgard® System

Lifetime extension

FR (PL) 630

560 collar web

FR (PL) 560

FR (PL) 500

560 collar web

FR (PL) 450

560 collar web

FR (PL) 400

560 collar web

FR (PL) 315

Sinker tube

Nordic/Viking steel pens


Rune Blomstervik
Commercial Product Manager - Pens & Nets
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Tor Henrik Haavik
Sales Director North Atlantic
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Trond Karlsen
Sales Director Emerging Markets
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Adapted to local conditions

Our pens may be adapted to all locations, from sheltered locations to very exposed areas. You are free to choose the pen that is best suited to your operation and your area, to ensure that the investment is optimal. We offer more than 100 certified pens with a circumference from 70 to 300 meters.


We have developed methods for detailed design of our pens. By determining the movement of the forces throughout the pen, we make sure that all elements for power uptake are thoroughly checked and that the safety requirements are met.

Certification in all links

As one of very few suppliers of equipment to the fish farming industry, ScaleAQ is an approved supplier of pens, nets and mooring equipment. Both at home as well as abroad, we exclusively employ certified plastic welders with considerable experience of pen assembly. Our certificates are approved in accordance with the requirements of NS9415.

ScaleAQ Floating Collar video: