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Orbit Multiwinch

Product Details

Vertical movement:

Cable length:
50 – 150 m

11 kg

594 x 364 x 206 mm

Horizontal movement:

Operating temperature:
*-20°C – +50°C

Aluminum, POM, rubber, stainless steel


The multiwinch is used to control the camera both vertically and horizontally in the pen. The device is positioned on the inside of the buoyancy ring’s handrail. The winch can be adapted to all pen types and connected to the PSU cabinet at the edge of the pen. Lengths of rope are adjusted to the diameter of the pen in order to ensure that the camera can move across the full pen. The winch extends the camera’s applications to include the inspection of the dead fish collector and ensuring that the camera is in the correct position in relation to sea levels and fish activity levels.