Covid-19 update from ScaleAQ

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us. The situation varies in our different regions, but we are all working together to ensure that the aquaculture industry can keep feeding the world.

We are proud to see how our employees, suppliers and customers are showing guts and creativity in solving the small and larger obstacles presented by the Corona virus.

Now our focus is to keep projects running smoothly and maintaining our regular levels of production while at the same time preventing the spread of the virus.

  • All personnel that can work from home are doing so.
  • Our production personnel have started working shifts to minimize the chance of spreading the virus.
  • Field service and remote support are well manned and able to provide service.

We have daily online meetings to update the project, sales and service department on any internal and external development. This helps us ensure continuity and to deal with any issues caused by the current situation.

Our Sales Director Nordic, Audun Sivertsen Fjeldvær, has a decent view from his home office.

Home office with furry helpers.

We are continuously monitoring the situation and adjusting to government regulations and restrictions as well as the restrictions our customers are experiencing. This situation is new for everyone, but so far, most operations are running normally.

We want to commend our employees and how they are adapting the Corona situation with creative solutions to ensure deliveries. As an infection control measure, we rented an entire (smaller) hotel in Vadsø for our crew building pens locally, and the field service department is looking into renting camper vans for technicians on field assignments.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your ScaleAQ contact with any questions.

#weareaquaculture #staysafe

A selection of home offices with several ScaleAQ employees.