Eidsfjord sjøfarm chooses wireless transmission of HD images

When Eidsfjord sjøfarm was to invest in HD cameras earlier this year, wireless transmission of the HD images from pen to barge was an absolute demand.

After assesing solutions from several suppliers, the choice fell on ScaleAQ. In May this year, Eidsfjord sjøfarm had new the HD cameras installed at the Russelva site.

The site has 12 pens and it is around 300 meters from the outer pen to the barge.

– The solution has worked very well, says Roger Simonsen, General manager in Eidsfjord Sjøfarm. The pictures are crystal clear which makes it easy to see the pellet, and assess fish appetite. We are also very pleased with the wireless solution from pen to barge. The images have the same quality as with fiberoptic cables and the solution has been stable and prep-work on the pen for fish handling operations is much easier than before.

In fact, we are so happy with the solution that this week we decided to upgrade another site with camera equipment from ScaleAQ.

– Whether one should choose a wireless solution depends on the conditions and infrastructure at the site, Odd Ronald Olsen, regional manager north of ScaleAQ.

– Wireless transmitters on the pen and receivers on the barge or shore-based feed-centre, makes it easy to move the camera equipment during operations such as de-licing and net cleaning. Our wireless solution is easy to install and has proven stable over time at both Eidsfjords site and others and we are very happy to receive another order from Eidsfjord.

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