ScaleAQ charts clear course in wake of consolidation year

Even with ongoing reorganization in a changing market, ScaleAQ has staked out a strong global position with a new brand. Their goal has always been to become the best possible partner for their customers.

They now have a new plan — with a new strategy and an organization rigged for the future.

A unified and reinforced company

“We have reviewed and improved our processes, built a new culture and developed a new strategy for our company. At the same time, we are continually developing and delivering products that have high value for our customers,” says Geir Myklebust, CEO of ScaleAQ.

Marketing and sales have been merged into a single organization, working closely with our various communities of expertise. ScaleAQ’s strength lies in the close collaboration between Markets, Development, Engineering and Projects, ensuring top quality in everything from small, individual sales to complex projects and deliveries.

Strong consulting role

“Strategically, we have organized around the consulting role, because we want to work closely with our customers. A strong core team with in-depth expertise on fish farming and aquaculture cultivate our already strong product expertise and prepare us for standing shoulder to shoulder with our customers,” Myklebust explains.

Shoring up Service

Myklebust identifies Service as another key strategic area. We have worked on new concepts and service points to strengthen and improve our service level. With our highly skilled service operators and a local presence in every region, ScaleAQ will work closely with our customers.  We have therefore established strong centres for our operational activities along the coast, such as production, on-site service, in-house service and warehousing. In addition, we have established strategic partnerships, in the fields of both Service and Development.

Driving the industry forward

ScaleAQ wants to drive the development of innovative products and solutions that are both cost-   effective for customers and that meet society’s demands for sustainable growth.

With this in mind, we recently hired two new resources, our Director of Sustainability and Director of Biology, who will both be working closely with Markets and our various communities of expertise.

We see great opportunities and potential synergies between software and hardware, where we, in recent years, have developed a great digital platform with open APIs.

We plan to continue on this course, with a strong focus on dataflow and communication between hardware and software, which will provide our customers with a better and more accurate basis for decision-making.

Another key area has been to identify and strengthen the interface between our various products and solutions.

“We want to improve and build more seamless interfaces, which in turn will lead to installations that are safer and more efficient.

This work, in combination with our focus on optimization and control of the pen environment, is especially important for our efforts in developing solutions for aquaculture in more exposed environments,” Myklebust says.

Bilde av Geir Myklebust

Geir Myklebust, CEO i ScaleAQ.