ScaleAQ is a proud collaborator in the iFarm project

Earlier this year Cermaq stocked the first fish in their iFarm project. They have made an informative video showcasing the project.

We in ScaleAQ have designed the iFarm system based on our renowned Midgard® technology. In addition to the floating collars, winches and nets, the system consist of net roofs and,-tube, and the tube floater adapted to the iFarm unit placed at the inlet of the net-tube. 

A water feeding system, cameras and various equipment is also part of our delivery to ensure optimal conditions for the fish to thrive and grow in. ScaleAQ is also responsible for Hazid and certification of the system.

Video: Cermaq. *This video is currently only made in Norwegian, this page will be updated when the English version is released.

Image recognition and identification for each individual fish is supplied by Biosort. The iFarm monitors status and development of each individual fish in a pen. The fish can be separated individually and treatment is only given to individuals needing it. The iFarm enables a shift from group-based operations to individual care, improving fish health and -welfare in the aquaculture industry.

We at ScaleAQ are proud to contribute to this!

All deliveries to the iFarm are in accordance with NYTEK and NS9415. DNV-GL has contributed to the product certification of main components and auxiliary equipment. Cermaq is awarded four development licenses for this project.