FeedStation v. 2.4 release

We have now released FeedStation v. 2.4 and following are some of the highlights.

Integration with UniteAQ

As a step in the plan of making FeedStation become an IoT device we are now able to synchronize FeedStation data directly to ScaleAQ’ s cloud-based data platform UniteAQ. Sending data to UniteAQ has been supported also in the past but it was dependent on installation of Core Gateway and the integration was also missing some detailed data. With FeedStation v.2.4 the logging can be done directly from FeedStation to UniteAQ with more detailed data and without any additional software installed. The long-term plan is to include all relevant data and logging to cloud, making a true IoT device-twin for FeedStation in UniteAQ.

Rebuilding AKVAGroup feeding systems

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with a customer in Norway to rebuild 2 of their AKVAGroup feeding systems. In this project we have built support in FeedStation for AKVAGroup’s closed sluice system (dozer unit) and we have also managed to take control of their selector/distribution valve unit. This puts us in position to offer upgrades from AKVAGroup feed systems to FeedStation without having to change the most expensive hardware parts.

Feedstation illustrated 2
Feedstation illustrated

Changes in table view and sitemap

Based on customer requests and feedback we have done several additions and enhancements to the table view in FeedStation has been added.


Short for recommended feeding ratio, this is a percentage value that compares feeding done with the recommended target, which will show 100% when feeding done has reached the recommended target.

Pressure warning/alarm indicators

When a pressure warning is triggered and a pressure alarm is about to be triggered, quick response from the feeding operator can be decisive. With pressure warning indicators on the units in table view it is possible to quickly see which unit/pipe has the problem.

Feedstation pressure warning illustrated

A pressure alarm indicator (in red) can also help discovering a clogged pipe before feeding is started, preventing more feed from going into pipe and an extra alarm to dismiss.

Feedstation pressure alarm illustrated
View and change silos

The user process of changing which silo the unit consumes feed from has been improved. Previously the user had to go to pipe settings, change primary/secondary auger and then go back to sitemap. Introduced in FeedStation v2.4 is the possibility to view and change this directly in table view without any further steps.

Feedstation change in silo

While “Total visits” has been available before, it was not showing the logged/actual visits but an estimated value. This value would also not be visible when feeding was stopped or in any of the reports and could be misleading. In FeedStation v2.4 the actual logged visits will be shown instead. A visit will be added when feeding has been done on a unit. This value can be selected in custom report.

Report improvements

There’s been a general improvement of most reports and places where a table is used. This includes:

  • Select which column to sort table by
  • Sticky header when scrolling large tables
  • Changes to filtering options
  • Addition of logged “Total visits” to custom report
feedstation updated version

Feeding improvements

  • Smolt and land based – Added option to view intensity and similar values in gram per second instead of kilogram per minute, this is to better support control and monitoring of feeding with a lower biomass.
  • Auto feeding – Improved calculations of planned target and planned visits, where start/stop of the feeding line is taken into account.

Feed system maintenance routines

The Feed system maintenance routines has now been included as PDF’s in Norwegian, English and Spanish inside the application. By clicking the icon in top right corner the user will be able to open important documentation like changelog, user and maintenance manuals.

Feedstation illustrated 3

The new FeedStation server

The revised FeedStation server has now been deployed to around 30 customers sites. We have had good feedback so far, and the new FeedStation v.2.4 software will of course run smoothly on the new server.


Any questions regarding the release, please contact frode.nekkoy@scaleaq.com