We sharpen efforts towards closed facilities on land and at sea

ScaleAQ has now had a review of the business and decided to make adjustments to its strategy to reflect the growth of land-based industry, including smolt, post-smolt and RAS-raised fish.

ScaleAQ is shifting its focus from deliveries of total construction prices for RAS facilities to a broader commitment to deliveries of technology and expertise. The new area will be called Closed Aquaculture Systems, and includes technology for closed facilities on land and sea. Ongoing projects will naturally be carried out in accordance with agreements,” the company wrote in a press release.

The company possesses expertise in surveillance technology (camera), digitisation, software, feeding systems, and now, sustainability as it already becomes part of the newly created initiative. The company’s management believes that technological developments will be rapidly evolving in all these areas. A further development that is necessary and vital for the many land-based and closed-containment facilities projects to achieve their ambitious goals.

“We see a significant need for a more focused focus within the growing CAS segment. ScaleAQ will establish a position as a leading supplier by providing advice, delivering individual products and system solutions that contribute to sustainable development. We want to leverage synergies from existing expertise and products,” said CEO Geir Myklebust.

“We have just finished a strategy process where we have lifted up areas such as automatic feeding, sensors and camera technology for better control and monitoring of the environment and fish welfare. These are products that have increased focus in the industry,” said Myklebust.

“We are already well underway with the development of new solutions within this, and will launch products as early as 2021,” he said.

The future aquaculture industry will be characterised by a number of different production concepts where traditional coastal fish farms, closed sea facilities, exposed sites, offshore and land-based facilities will be included.

“ScaleAQ will be a partner in all these concepts and look forward to continued good cooperation with our customers,” concluded Geir Myklebust.

Bilde av Geir Myklebust

Geir Myklebust, CEO ScaleAQ.

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