Air spreader

Product Details

Material floater:
Ocorene 4-3545

Material bearing house and pipes:
Stainless steel

Material nozzle:
PVC Rigid

Feeding tube diameter:
90 mm

Pellet size:
≥ 3mm

1514 mm

1432 mm


The air spreader is a modern spreader, with long lifetime and a solid construction. Due to the ballast structure, it is very stable in the water, even at high sea. The bearing are of the highest quality and ensure a considerably longer life than other spreaders, before service is required. It has a good spread and are very gentle towards the feed.

  • Large radius and very gentle on pellet
  • Stable and solid construction for an even spread
  • High quality bearing


The air spreader is adapted to modern feeding facilities and can be used on all sorts of pellets from 3 mm and higher. The spread of the feed can be adjusted to 20 meters in diameter. A solid Magnum union connection provides a robust and reliable connection.