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Mobile storage tank for ensilage

The tank can be used as a storage tank for new and existing ensilage facilities, but it can also be used for emergency ensilage and special situations. The tank can serve as a standby and act as a resource for multiple sites.

Product Details

Grinding pump

Standard 15 kW 400V, other sizes available

Tank capacity

15 m3


Tank – GRP Container with skids – lacquered black steel, Grinding pump – stainless steel knives, pumping house and spindle

The mobile storage tank can be included in range of applications on board boats, barges or onshore.
  • Increase the ensilage capacity on site through the use of mobile solutions
  • Powerful 15kW dry-lined grinding pump for internal circulation in the tank
  • 20-foot container with skids for easier transportation and anchoring

The tank is positioned in a 20-foot container with skids for easier transportation and anchoring on deck. It is supplied as standard with a powerful 15 kW dry-lined grinding pump with piping for internal circulation and delivery of ensilage. The starter cabinet for the pump is supplied on the GRP tank as shown. Electronic level measurements, camlock connections and a custom logo or color are available as optional extras.

When added to a system, the two units, the mobile storage tank and the mobile pre-grinder constitute a complete ensilage facility for daily use or for emergency ensilage. The mobile pre-grinder has a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour, depending on the length of the hoses and the lifting heights. The system handles all sizes of fish and can increase the capacity of your existing ensiling system. Fish are loaded into the funnel of the pre-grinder. The ground mass falls down through the vessel in the framework and is pumped on through the screw pump. A flexible hose can easily be connected to the flange on the screw pump. Camlock fittings can be supplied as an option on all connections. Both systems can be easily lifted using lifting straps or a forklift. The total power input is 13 kW for the mobile pre-grinder and 15 kW for the mobile storage tank.

Mobil lagertank for ensilasje

The mobile ensilaging facility featuring the mobile storage tank and pre-grinder working together in a system.