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Orbit FHD Fixed

Product Details

Temperature, depth, compass, 9 axis gyroscope

Light sensitivity:
0.0001 Lux

Full HD (1920 x 1080p)

Sensor type:
Color – Black/white

120° in water, wide angle


IP68 to 80 m

POM, PEEK and glass


Orbit FHD Fixed

Orbit FHD Fixed is possibly the world’s most light sensitive underwater camera. With light sensitivity of as much as 0.0001 Lux, you will see details that were previously invisible in difficult light conditions. The camera is designed to be fixed either upwards, horizontally or downwards in the pen, and is not delivered with our typical pan/tilt solution. It has a resolution in full HD, and increased field of view by 120 degrees, which means that the operator gets a good overview even with a fixed camera. Simplified infrastructure requirements – power and signal in the same cable (“Power over Ethernet”. Compatible with our new CIU (Pen Interface Unit).

  • New camera platform – AI
  • Increased field of view – 120 degrees
  • Extremely light sensitive, and full HD resolution
  • Supports ONVIF (open third party standard)
  • Easy to use web interface for configuration and calibration
  • New and improved depth sensor

ScaleAQ is a world class supplier of cameras for the global aquaculture industry.

Since 1985, we have been helping aquaculture operators to perfect feeding using video images from their pens, and we know of several cases where our cameras continue to work superbly after more than 20 years under water. With solid experience and documented high quality products, ScaleAQ is the natural choice when you want a future-oriented camera solution that will last for many years to come.

Global presence, local service

With 27 offices spread across 11 countries, service and maintenance options for your camera solution are never far away. We offer maintenance programs that ensure maximum uptime for your camera system, but in the event that you encounter problems we will be able to assist you via our support service or by expediting the dispatch of local technicians to your site.

More than just live images

It is no longer enough for an underwater camera to supply images of the fish to the control room on the feed barge or to a remote operations center. It is becoming increasingly common to use video streams as the basis for pellet detection, appetite analyses, lice counting, biomass measurement and other analyses based on algorithms and machine learning. The underlying basis for such analyses is a video stream – and the better the camera, the better the analyses. But that’s only half the story – and barely that. The other half is all about the customer deciding where to transmit the video stream to, where to download it and which analyses to utilize. In short: the camera system you choose must be of a high quality, work in the long-term and allow for integration with algorithms or technologies from different suppliers via an open interface.

ScaleAQ extends your feeding window

All cameras supplied by ScaleAQ provide you with an image specially tuned to read the appetite of the fish. Our range of cameras spans from analog SD cameras, which have been the industry standard for years, to advanced digital HD cameras with very high light sensitivity. The quality of the image is not determined by the number of pixels, even thought it can be all too easy to think that. The lens and transmission technology, not to mention the light sensitivity, all play a vital role in enabling you to see the fish as clearly as possible in the morning and as late as possible in the afternoon and evening. This is why ScaleAQ offer the most light sensitive cameras available on the market. As long as the fish can see the pellet, you can see the fish.


We supply our own proprietary software Vision together with every camera system. However, in line with our philosophy about openness and freedom of choice, you can also control a ScaleAQ camera or winch using third party solutions. We offer open APIs for camera and winch control. This means that a ScaleAQ camera system can easily be fitted into infrastructure featuring technology and equipment from different suppliers.

Infrastructure and data collection

At present, there are large volumes of video, sensor and feeding data that need to flow from the pen to the feeding operator on the barge or in the feeding control center. ScaleAQ offers both wireless and fiber solutions for this. But you need your data to do more than just flow – it needs to be possible to collect it, store it and distribute it to a data warehouse or use it in reporting and analysis programs. ScaleAQ has its own integration platform for this purpose: we gather all the relevant digital data from your feed barge and make it available where you want it, including data from systems supplied by third parties.