ScaleAQ uses 3-strand and 8-braid rope in mooring systems. The rope is made of polypropylene. ScaleAQ also uses 3-strand sinker rope for mooring systems. The rope is made from a mixture of polyester and polyolefin and sinks in seawater.

Product Details

High-quality rope with properties specially adapted to the different areas of use in mooring of aquaculture structures.

Properties of both polypropylene rope and sinker rope:

  • Very good durability
  • Strong UV protection
  • Floats
  • Resistant to rot
  • Adapted for splicing and for use in mooring
Item no.DescriptionDimension (mm)ConstructionNominal fracture strength (tons)Coil size (m)
300334PP Superdan rope403-strand25,7220
300335PP Superdan rope483-strand36,6220
300336PP Superdan rope563-strand48,7440
300942PP Superdan rope643-strand62,5220
300338PP Superdan rope648-braided68,2300
301263Supertec rope483-strand42,5220
301264Supertec rope563-strand55,4220
301268Supertec rope648-braided83,9300
301379Supertec rope728-braided105,5220
301380Supertec rope808-braided129,9220
301309Supertec rope908-braided164220
302232Sinking rope483-strand46,3220
302177Sinking rope563-strand62,8220
302349Sinking rope643-strand92,7220
302447Sinking rope723-strand118220