The Rotofeeder RTF001 is a modern spreader, with long lifetime and a solid structure. Due to the ballast structure, it is very stable in the water, even at high waves. It is compatible with modern sentralized feeding systems with adjustable throwing radius.
rotofeeder spreaders

Product Details

Throwing radius

5–20 m


Acero Inox/HDPE

Hose diameter

90 mm

Pipe diameter

280 mm


3 800 mm


55 kg

Joints and pipes are specially designed for minimal crush of feed.

  • High stability
  • Adjustable mouthpiece
  • Easy to install

The spreader is produced in stainless steel, which ensures long lifetime and no corrosion. This use of materials ensure minimal wear and tear of the pipe components along with associated food crushing problems. Very solid bearings ensures low friction and long lifetime.