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We supplied our first Thermolicer® in 2014 following seven years of development. Since 2016, thermal delousing has been the most commonly used delousing method in Norway. Thermolicer® is currently used by aquaculture operators in Chile, Canada, the Faroe Islands and the UK to help keep their lice situation in check.

Product Details


Temperate water (28-34°C)


Wellboats, service vessels and barges

Fish pump

Customized according to the customer’s wishes


100 µm


70-300 t/h

Treatment tubes

300-600 mm

Full effect with zero chemicals

The lice have a low level of tolerance for sudden changes in temperature. This fact is exploited by the Thermolicer® where the fish are bathed briefly in lukewarm water. The lice die and fall off the fish, after which they are collected and destroyed.

The Machine

The Thermolicer® is a machine for commercial scale dip or bath treatment of fish. A sudden rise in water temperature is a well-known method of killing lice. The Thermolicer® is developed to be able to bathe the fish in temperate water for a short period.

In practice, the Thermolicer® is a water trap where the fish are constantly moving in the tube. This ensures that the fish do not come into contact with moving parts or are given space to accelerate and possibly hit a wall or an edge during the process.

The fish are crowded and pumped into the machine where it passes through the processing loop in 25–30 seconds. The treatment water holds 28–34 degrees depending on ambient sea temperature. The treatment water is filtered, aerated, oxygenated and reused in the system.

thermolicer illustrasjon
  1. Fish enters Thermolicer® after pumping.
  2. Water separation.
  3. Sea water is filtered and released.
  4. The fish is exposed to lukewarm water.
  5. Treatment loop.
  6. Water surface.
  7. Water separator for treatment water.
  8. Fish exits the system.
  9. Heated water is circulated to water tank for filtration, aeration and reheating.
  10. Treatment water is pumped back to the treatment loop.

NB. The water treatment system is not shown.

In use

The Thermolicer® can be fitted on board service vessels, wellboats and barges. Fish are collected and pumped through the Thermolicer® and then back into the same pen, or into an empty pen. Along with the Thermolicer®, you receive training and recommendations to ensure that you are able to treat the fish when necessary rather than being dependent on third parties.


A standard Thermolicer® is positioned in a 25 foot container. The length of the water trap is 22 meters and it has a capacity of up to 90 tons per hour. The actual capacity will vary somewhat depending on temperature, the size of the fish, the fish pump and the rate of crowding of the fish.


The Thermolicer® is a patented method of delousing fish in a water trap. The capacity of a standard Thermolicer® is limited by the length and breadth of this water trap. ScaleAQ can also customize treatment loops. This ensures that you can achieve a significantly higher capacity (tons/hour) per line and that the treatment loop can be adapted to suit most vessels.

The Explorer

See also a presentation of the Thermolicer® at The Explorer.

We have been fortunate to get the Thermolicer® and begin using it in time. Without it we would probably have struggled to keep lice figures down in late June and July. We see great results, there are very few lice, and we are well below the action limit. The Thermolicer® is a very useful tool. It’s also important to emphasize that we can now treat the fish without using drug treatments. This is gentler for both the fish and the environment, and is very important for Bolaks (07.08.2015,

Tom Olsen

Project Coordinator, Bolaks